Friday, 10 April 2009

Go on mate BITE ME....

... and he did.
Heard about the one where a Polish man had the utter misfortune of having his penis bitten off by a friend, who then swallowed it?
Marian Milczarek alleges (I'm guessing former) friend Wojciech Sowinski came after him following a row broke out over a trailer in Lesna.
Milczarek said: "It was agony."
Enough said.

Imagine what part he would be missing if the argument was over betrayal and/ or infidelity?

In another anatomy-related story, one of my house mates read in a French newspaper that a man was diagnosed with penis - not testicular - cancer (apparently it does exist). He decided to go ahead with the operation to have it cut off. Shortly after, his doctor revealed that an error occured with the diagnosis and that the patient in fact had a perfectly healthy organ.

If this man does not receive a huge compensation, then there is no justice.


I started, correction set up, this blog in January... and after almost three months of procrastinating and 'I-can't-be-bothered' moments, FINALLY I am starting it.

As of this moment, I officially declare to my colleagues and anyone who reads this blog that if I ever again allow this blog to wither and mould before disappearing into oblivion, I will reveal three utterly shameful things about my past (and believe me, there are many!)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sometimes you just want to read something weird and silly...

Welcome to Debbie's Dead Donkeys!
Now for those who are wondering where the title came from...
Remember Channel 4's Drop the Dead Donkey - the satirical comedy set in the offices of "Globelink News"
Well Debbie's Dead Donkeys is a blog which reports nothing but weird, strange, odder than odd stories about everyone and their grandfather. On this blog, very simply, the weirder the news the better. (OK so really there is no direct link to the comedy but my colleagues thought it was funny and I liked the alliteration.)
My name is Debbie Ng and I am a journalist for the Loughborough Echo - a fabulous weekly paper reporting every shenanigan taking place in the Leicestershire town. I work with great colleagues and a wonderful boss who gave me the opportunity to set up this particular blog in delivering the weird news items around the globe.
For those of you know me will attest to the fact that I can be quite odd. I can only agree.
Here are just some of the things that make me unique:
  1. I absolutely love green sweets - this all began when back in high school my friends used to fight over the red and purple skittles. Me? Well I simply could not be bothered arguing and opted for the green ones instead. Thus, beginning a love affair with everything that's sweet and green.
  2. I can only eat brussel sprouts in even numbers - put it this way if I've got 11 cooking in the pan, I have to throw a 12th one in... even if it means popping down to the supermarket to buy one more!
  3. Sometimes when I can't sleep I'll recite the alphabet backwards over and over again.
  4. I have a tendency to talk and sing out loud to myself.
  5. I am happy every damn day and can't help but smile all the time.
Who wants to be plain and normal anyway? Our weirdness is what makes us interesting. On this blog, only the strangest of news and actions of the weirdest of people will get reported.