Friday, 10 April 2009

Go on mate BITE ME....

... and he did.
Heard about the one where a Polish man had the utter misfortune of having his penis bitten off by a friend, who then swallowed it?
Marian Milczarek alleges (I'm guessing former) friend Wojciech Sowinski came after him following a row broke out over a trailer in Lesna.
Milczarek said: "It was agony."
Enough said.

Imagine what part he would be missing if the argument was over betrayal and/ or infidelity?

In another anatomy-related story, one of my house mates read in a French newspaper that a man was diagnosed with penis - not testicular - cancer (apparently it does exist). He decided to go ahead with the operation to have it cut off. Shortly after, his doctor revealed that an error occured with the diagnosis and that the patient in fact had a perfectly healthy organ.

If this man does not receive a huge compensation, then there is no justice.

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